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To book Louise Jordan for a performance of No Petticoats Here please email or call our office on 07980374971.

Performances of No Petticoats Here usually take the form of two ‘sets’ lasting 45 minutes each with an interval in between. A single 60 minute set is also offered. If you would like to discuss a different format, please get in touch.


This is a gutsy and meticulously researched project… an arresting album and an important historical document. Songlines, January 2017. Read the whole review here.

Compellingly sung, with expert, often classically-inflected arrangements. fRoots, December 2016. Read the whole review here. 

Jordan has approached her subject with the diligence of a scholar and the heart of an artist …It is in responses like this set of songs that our collective cultural memories are kept alive… R2 Magazine, November –December 2016. Read the whole review here.

Inspired by the stories of the many remarkable women who served in the Great War, Jordan has produced one of the most touching and powerful folk albums of the year so far. Sounding at times like the late, great Sandy Denny, Jordan is also a remarkably inventive piano player, a skills that comes to the fore on the stridently haunting Perhaps and beautifully structured Ripple And Flow. “With courage to kick out convention, you were laughing in a lion’s den”, she sings on Endless Days: the bold spirit of these heroines captured in a single line. The Sunday Express, October 2016

“No Petticoats Here” is one of my albums of the year, because it does marry the worlds of education and entertainment so well. Songs that stand up on their own, but as a body ask as many questions as they answer. FATEA Magazine, Neil King, October 2016

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Louise Jordan has with ‘No Petticoats Here’ created a landmark album that is engrossing and entrancing and a fitting tribute to some exceptional women. If there’s one album you really should own, then this is it. FolkWords, Tim Carroll, September 2016

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Musically, it’s a terrific and highly accomplished piece of work, but its worth far transcends the album to stand as a landmark in the fight to not only illuminate the overlooked role women played in the Great War, but also to serve as a reminder that conflict in the name of right is not the monopoly of the patriarchy. Folk Radio UK, Mike Davies, September 2016

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The seriousness of the subject is matched by Jordan’s flawless singing, combining grace and authenticity with a bittersweet tone which reflects the nuances and complexity of her chosen subject matter. Supported by sensitive strings and accordion accompaniment which supports the simple storytelling in Jordan’s lyrics, this is an album which changes listeners’ preconceived knowledge about the past and spurs reflection on the fragility of the progress in our own time. Liam Sloan, July 2016. Read the whole review here.