Louise Jordan is a singer, songwriter, musician and composer whose interests include history and the tradition of interpreting stories through song.

Louise has toured in the UK and Europe since 2010 sharing traditional folk songs, original material and stories from her native Hampshire, Wiltshire, the UK and beyond. With a particular interest in the representation of women Louise places interaction at the core of her practise, inspired by the ability of music to generate discussion and debate.

In addition to No Petticoats Here, Louise has self-released three albums and an EP. You can listen to tracks and find out more about these recordings at http://louisejordan.co.uk/listen-shop/

Louise Jordan’s music has been described as ‘A masterclass in songwriting’, ‘Haunting and unforgettable’ and ‘the fragility of perfection’. More information and full reviews can be found at http://louisejordan.co.uk/about-press/

Louise’s website can be found at http://louisejordan.co.uk/